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Program 2017
This is a preliminary list of topics.
1. Case Studies Series
Successful and unusual cases:
How to apply brainwave theory?
How to use Mind Mirror software?
How to keep records?
How to deal with clients?
Special guests:
Mind Mirror Practitioners

2. Sleep Stages and The Mind Mirror

The Intersection Between Sleep Stages and the Mind Mirror:
What the Sleep State Tells Us About Consciousness
Special guest:
Deborah Sewitch, PhD
3. Hypnosis and the Mind Mirror
,What is hypnosis? How did Max Cade use it? Are the brainwaves of hypnosis and meditation different or the same? Can hypnosis techniques be helpful to Awakened Mind trainers and self-trainers, and if so, in what situations?
Special guests:
David Fairweather,
Helen Hess
4. The Body and Soul of Stress
Stress relative to the imagined and physical senses and how to treat symptoms through conscious and subconscious approaches, what highly stressed people look like on the Mind Mirror EEG, GSR, and BVP.

Special guests:
David Fairweather
Bob and Christine Wright (stress coaches and hosts of the popular internet radio program Stress Free Now)

5. Healing Blocks in Consciousness
From the viewpoint of alternative modalities: Bach Flower Remedies, acupuncture, EFT, Feldenkrais and subtle energy systems.

Special guests:
Mind Mirror Practitioners
6. The Mind Mirror and EFT
EFT has resulted in specific brain wave changes while the client is being treated.
Read more at: http://awakened-mind.com/

Special guests: Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach
7. Sound Healing and the Mind Mirror Series
Special guests:
Deborah Sewitch,
Craig Walker (TBD),
Ariel Angel (TBD)
8. Journeys into the Infinite:
Out-of-Body and Other Dimensions
Brainwaves and OOB experiences as trained by Monroe Institute.
Special guests:
Nikate Khaitan,
Deborah Sewitch (TBD)
9. NLP and the Awakened Mind
How does NLP work? How quickly, how effectively? Does it relate to Awakened Mind training in any way? If so, how? Are there any NLP techniques MM trainers could use to help their clients? Interesting stories about people he has worked with and the changes they've experienced
Special guest:
Krish Srikanth (Mind Mirror Practitioner and internationally recognized NLP-expert)

10. Brain Networks and the Awakened Mind
The brain networks activated by the Awakened Mind pattern
Special guest:
Leonardo Mascaro (Neurophysiologist, Neurofeedback Therapist, Author and Mind Mirror Practitioner)

11. Memories of Max Cade and Anna Wise Series
Interviews with family, friends and colleagues
12. Neurofeedback Serving Autistic Children
Interview with an expert
(will be interesting for all mental health practitioners, psychologies, psychotherapists interested in biofeedback technologies)
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