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Why Eureka?
"Whatever we call this experience—the aha! moment, the flash of insight, creativity, having a brainstorm, turning on the light bulb in the brain, the 'felt shift,' wordless knowing—our gut feeling is that in some way the contents of our brain have been rearranged, or perhaps that our brain itself has been restructured…Scientists have discovered that this is exactly what happens. During those moments, the pattern of electrical waves that sweep through the brain is altered, the type of electrical waves the brain generates changes, and individual neurons in the cerebral cortex alter the number and shape of their dendrites, dendritic spines, and synapses, so that the network of other neurons they are linked with is altered, creating new patterns of electrochemical message transmission, new states of mind: a way of seeing reality that is totally new."

– Michael Hutchison, "Mega Brain"
7 APRIL 2017
April 2017 (Issue #3)
Welcome to the second issue of "Eureka Times,"
a monthly newsletter published by the Institute for the Awakened Mind.
You will find in each edition information, group experiments, and event announcements
on meditation and consciousness expansion. It's our intention that "Eureka Times" awaken the reader's mind, lift the spirit, and stimulate transformation.

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March 2017 (Issue #2)
February 2017 (Issue #1)
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